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Horne Services is a financial consulting business that goes above and beyond basic accounting or bookkeeping. We offer accounting, financial, administrative and HR consulting services to San Francisco small businesses, non-profits, startups and other organizations. Working closely with our clients and forming long-term partnerships, we look at your finances in a holistic manner, placing them within the context of your organization and helping you to achieve your mission and meet your goals through a systematic approach. We believe your finances are an integral part of your overall success, and our job is to do more than just close the books every month. We also have a deep understanding of business operations, City compliance requirements and legislation, legal and HR requirements and can integrate them using best practices into your operations, so they work seamlessly with your finances.

We guide businesses and organizations with a wide variety of needs and concerns. Besides getting your finances in order and creating a logical and organized operating budget that is optimized to help your business thrive, we can facilitate relationships and negotiate contracts with vendors, partners, banks and insurance companies, CPAs and attorneys, and provide direction on your overall operations in order to help your organization run smoothly, free up executives' time, money and resources for the projects that matter the most to your mission.

If your organization is in need of a helping hand, please contact us for details, quotes and availability and if you want to know more about how we work, please take a moment to review our success stories on our clients page.


Benjamin Horne, Principal

Ben Horne is more than an ordinary financial consultant; he has over 20 years of experience fostering companies and non-profit organizations and helping them to thrive. He understands the relationship between financial management, mission impact and the overall success of an organization. He founded and managed his own enterprises and has worked with a diverse set of companies with varying fiscal needs. In his startup days Ben helped to raise tens of millions in capital and managed all aspects of organizations from HR to marketing, sales and policy and procedure development. He is highly sought after for his ability to act as a guiding force in changing market conditions as well as his ability to turn business goals into reality. For the past 6 years, he has held the lead finance position at a wide variety of businesses and organizations, and each has been left with clean finances, a deeper understanding of compliance and best practices as well as overall smooth operations. Ben began his career with five years in the public accounting and consulting fields and holds a degree from the University of Iowa in Business Administration in Accounting.

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Does your organization need help closing the books each month? Creating a better operational flow? Understanding compliance and legal requirements? Hiring vendors or managing personnel? We can help you with all of that and more. Below is a list of some of the fields in which we excel.

  • ›   Cash Flow Management & Forecasting
  • ›   Accounting Systems & Processes
  • ›   CPA Audits & Tax Preparation
  • ›   Banking and Cash Management
  • ›   Government (City of San Francisco) Contract Management
  • ›   Financial Models and Planning
  • ›   Strategic Planning & Organizational Development
  • ›   Board Governance, Reporting and Record Keeping
  • ›   HR & Employment Regulations
  • ›   Scalability & Business Expansion
  • ›   Vendor Management and Negotiation
  • ›   Operations, IT & Facilities Management
  • ›   Restructuring and Turnaround
  • ›   Dissolutions & Liquidations
  • ›   Business Improvement District or Community Benefit District
         Setup and Management

Our Clients


Nothing quite captures the integrity and value of the services we provide quite like the words of our clients. Please take a moment to review some of our client testimonials.

Ben was hired when our organization renewed… Read More »

Ben was hired when our organization renewed its Management Plan, tripling in size and significantly increasing its scope of services. He helped to implement a far more complex $3 million-assessment-funded budget, establish essential personnel and financial policies and led the organization through its first annual independent audits with excellent results. The bottom line is we all sleep well knowing our finances are in his very capable hands.
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Linda Mjellem
Executive Director, Union Square Business Improvement District

Ben Horne is the most trustworthy person… Read More »

Ben Horne is the most trustworthy person I have ever worked with, not only in terms of the basics, such as being on time and meeting his promises, but also in regard to thinking through the financial implications of all the complex decisions that must be made in regard to human resources, company direction, marketing, operations, and brick and mortar, and then providing straight-forward advice. I originally hired him to be our “numbers guy” and soon found out he is much more than that. He possesses an immense wealth of business experience and wisdom, and truly cares about the well-being of my company.
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Darin Ow-Wing
President, Language Alive!,LLC

Horne Services has been a strong partner… Read More »

Horne Services has been a strong partner to the Hotel Council of San Francisco. Ben Horne cares about the organizations he works with and actively looks for ways to improve upon how they operate. He is responsive and always delivers even with tight deadlines. Horne Services goes well beyond preparing the financials for an organization, taking a holistic approach to their work.
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Kevin Carroll
Executive Director, Hotel Council of San Francisco

I hired Ben Horne in 2010 to be… Read More »

I hired Ben Horne in 2010 to be the outsourced CFO for Loeven & Associates. He quickly went to work getting our finances in order and developing a monthly financial reporting package and monthly budgets, analyzing client projects and handling difficult negotiations. Ben is the guy I count on to me give me straight-forward information and to provide reasonable and responsible solutions to issues that arise. He was able to take the historical data of my company and provide needed corrections to the ways we were doing business. His insights and recommendations have saved thousands of dollars and more importantly have kept Loeven & Associates on track to achieve our goals.
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Lewis Loeven
President, Loeven & Associates, LLC

As someone who's been in non-profit management… Read More »

As someone who's been in non-profit management for 20+ years, I have to say that Ben Horne is about the best accounting contractor I've ever worked with. Ben provides to our non-profit a high level of finance and accounting expertise, oversight, and guidance. He provides timely answers, explanations, and recommendations in a way that melds with current organizational practices and staff functions. In other words, he makes you and your staff better without being overpowering or demanding. That's a fine line for any contractor to walk. He also has a breadth of knowledge and understanding of non-profits beyond just the financial realm due to his expansive non-profit volunteer and professional work. This makes him a wonderful resource in many areas. Ben works well with our auditor, our development team, our office manager, and he recently gave us a great tip about insurance coverage that saved us a bundle. Every non-profit should have a Ben to count on!
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Joyce Bichler
Deputy Director, Breast Cancer Action

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